Quarried Aggregates

Type 1 MOT

Type 1 MOT, sized from 40mm down to dust creates an easily compacted aggregate. It is mainly used as  a sub-base for paths, drives, sheds, road surfaces and many other construction jobs. It is also used as bulk fill, and a leveling material.



6F5 Quarried

6f5 aggregate is made from crushed hardcore and starts from 75mm down to dust. 6F5 is normally used also as bulk fill to build up levels. It is ideal for a base layer for laying stone tracks, which then can be topped off with Type 1 MOT. To fill in any voids.

4/10mm Limestone

This limestone is ideal for a drainage stone due to its size (4/10mm clean). It is often used as a pipe bedding stone. As it means it allows the water to drain through the stone. It is also used for pathways and can be used as a decorative stone.

4/20mm Limestone

4/20mm is perfect for driveways and paths. As the stones will not get stuck in the treads of your tyres. It is also used as a drainage stone as again it is a clean stone so allows the water to pass through. 4/20mm is used for concrete surfaces unless specified to use a smaller stone.

Top Rock Fill

Top rock is the first layer of stone when dug up. It is varies in size, it can start from 150mm down to dust. It does sometimes have a traces of clay. It is ideal for a base layer of a track or as a fill material.

Gabion Stone

Gabion stone varies from 100mm- 200mm. It has many uses, from landscaping to flood defenses. It can be used to stop noise and river/costal erosion and can stabilize earth banks. 



4/20mm Gravel

4/20mm gravel also known as pea gravel, is perfect for pipe bedding and as a drainage stone. It is different from limestone as it has smooth edges. Ideal for a cost effective driveway stone.

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