Huws Gray Concrete Project

Just before Christmas we teamed up with our sister company M Downes Earthworks, to supply the concrete for the New Huws Gray Builders Merchant in Whitchurch (2000m2 unit). A total of just over 500m3 of concrete was required to complete the internal floor slap.

The Huws Gray concrete pour was split over four days. The reason behind this, was that the concrete needed to be fully set to allow the men to go over it later that day with a power float. Which is a machine that gives the concrete that glossy look. So the pour had to have been finished by no later than twelve o’clock each day to allow them to do this.

Since this was required, the concrete mix had to be strong, so had to have a high cement level to allow it to set quickly. Meaning there was no room for delay when sending out the concrete! A boom pump, supplied by Philips pumping services. Was being used to assist with the speed that the concrete was being spilled out. Along side the pump was a Somero laser screed machine which levelled out the concrete as quickly as it was being poured.

So the demand for a constant flow of concrete was crucial hence why we had most of our concrete wagons on this job! Not forgetting our other usual customers. All credit to our drivers delivering the concrete as they had to be on the ball.

Next stage is to do the car park…




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