New skate park in Whitchurch – under way!

Over the last 10 years Shropshire Council, Whitchurch Town Council and many others have been discussing the possibility of creating a skate park in Whitchurch for the younger community. The main stumbling block during this time has always been a lack of funding and identifying a suitable site. After much hard work they secured funding and appointed a contractor.

The work commenced in June and MD Aggregate Supplies Ltd have supplied specialised concrete mixes for shaping the new skate park using as process called shotcrete which sprays the concrete into shape as shown in the pictures.

Councillor Tony Neville, Whitchurch Mayor, reported that:

“Whitchurch Town Council are excited that young people in Whitchurch are finally going to get their skate park. Having worked with Shropshire Council over the past four years to secure the site and funding, we are now looking forward to the build process and the opening, and to finally see the park being used.”

We continue to provide the concrete for the scatepark and look forward to seeing the final results!



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