Segregation & Safety at Car Transplants Ltd, Nantwich


Nantwich-based firm Car Transplants Limited is the leading independent vehicle salvage management company in the UK, and is recognised as having the International Environmental Management Standard  ISO 14001:2015.  The company is one of the first in the country to achieve this and operates across two Cheshire sites with over 40 acres of vehicle storage and processing facilities. .

The standard recognises that Car Transplants has robust environmental management controls in place and has a firm commitment to improving the environment as well as compliance with other countries environmental regulations.

Mark Schofield, Managing Director of the firm, said: “We are constantly striving to meet the highest environmental standards within the industry as we are the UK’s premium salvage provider. This has been achieved through the continuous professional development, dedication and hard work of all our staff and robust management systems throughout the business.”

Car Transplants asked MD Aggregates to supply their site with reinforced concrete blocks to create segregation and safety between tyres and other mechanical parts which is a requirement set by the Environmental Agency. Marks states “we have to abide to the Fire Prevention Plan enforced by the Environmental Agency”. Site operators have to effectively manage fire risks and its impact on the environment. Their aim is to achieve three key objectives:

  • minimise the likelihood of a fire happening
  • aim for a fire to be extinguished within 4 hours
  • minimise the spread of the fire within the site to neighbouring sites


Car Transplants have on average (per year);

  • Over 40,000 vehicles collected
  • 15,000 vehicles dismantled
  • 18,000 tonnes of scrap generated for recycling
  • 10,000 gallons of oils and brake fluid recovered
  • 15,000 batteries recycled
  • 75,000 tyres sent for processing

Therefore, due to the high volume of different materials handled on site it is crucial that it is segregated for safety purposes and organisation. Car Transplants work closely with the Police, Council and Insurance companies; therefore, the site is required to be organised at all times.

The reinforced blocks are a great way to segregate the different materials –  the machines strip the vehicles and parts are put directly into the correct segregation bays immediately, reducing the need to double handle.

Why Use Reinforced Concrete Blocks?

 Protection against fire outbreak and fire propagationFires frequently occur at waste and recycling plants. With particular reference to the storage of bulk goods and flammable materials such as wood, paper and rubber tyres, it is highly unlikely that the fire will stay limited to one compartment. Concrete blocks prevent this from happening and therefor the fire doesn’t spread through the entire site.

 Fireproof Site Layout – Concrete interlocking blocks prevent fire outbreak and propagation and ensure a fire-safe layout for the site. When a fire occurs, the temperature on the other side of the Lego block concrete wall is limited, which prevents fire outbreaks from spreading. A concrete wall stabilises the stored materials, which prevents a horizontal spread of the fire.

Sound Proofing – The Lego blocks are also used as a sound barrier between buildings where machines are being used. (As shown below left image)

Screening – Another driving factor for choosing concrete blocks over other walling solutions was its ability to screen the contents of the compound that include ferrous and non-ferrous metals like aluminium, brass, copper, bronze, stainless steel and from the outside. (As shown in right image)

Strength – incredible long term durability and strength.

Proven to Be Fire-Resistant:

  • A1 fire-resistant classification
  • Fireproof for at least 4 hours
  • Prevents fire outbreak
  • Limits fire propagation
  • Blocks are virtually undamaged after fire

Customer Feedback

Car Transplants wanted to keep business local. Marks states “It’s important to keep business local where we can”. This project is still on going and we look forward to continuing to work with Mark and his team.

What impressed Mark the most about MD Aggregates was the fact that they delivered when they said they would deliver, and competitively priced. Reinforced concrete walling is a cost effective and efficient way of constructing temporary or permanent buildings and walls for a range of industries that include agricultural, equestrian and industrial.

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